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Nicola-Jayne Aymes 'Nicky', IPHM

International Practitioner for Holistic Medicine

Certified Marconic Energy Practitioner

My goal in life is to

"Be a holistic lightworker conduit for Soul Awakening and Ascension

 allowing for deep healing of all Beings and the Planet" 

Do not be afraid to ask questions or for help, Nicky is at her happiest when helping others...

I live in Annapolis with my wonderful and amazing husband Rick. We have 3 children and 3 amazing grandchildren who rule our lives and are spoilt rotten! I am a country Fry-brid (as you can see I love making up words); born to an English Mother, French Father, lived in Spain for over 20yrs and am now living in the USA. My philosophy is that Life is what you want it to be and I must say mine is Amazingly GREAT! Quite honestly I really do not have time for it not to be.

For many years I worked out of my home as a Reiki practitioner as well as work in the corporate world of Marketing and running the Clay Corner Inn with my husband, did I mention he was amazing!. Anyhow, In 2011 I had a vision during dream state to dedicate myself entirely to Holistic Healing and focus on Soul awakening, at that time I had no clue what this meant. In 2012 I opened a healing space where clients could come and feel safe allowing for deep healing to occur. In this space the healing services would cover the main areas a body, mind, spirit and soul would need for personal growth to find Peace, Balance and Harmony. In 2016 I realized that the energy I was using was changing and clients where having major energetic breakthroughs with their own personal healing and I realized their energy was shifting to a higher vibrational level than the 3rd Dimension. In 2019 I came across Marconic Energy Healing, a higher dimensional energy that seemed to explain everything to me.

So you can understand a little more about what all this means I feel it important to give you a little explanation. Since 2012 the Earth took a huge part in the Global Ascension process toward the 5th Dimension. (Seriously, NASA reported the earth to shift it's magnetic energy). What does this mean? Prior to 2012 the earth was operating on a 3rd Dimension Reality of the Physical Realm. This is when people where still rooted in the physical world of density. In this realm it is appropriate to feel ok to judge people based on their financial status, colour of their skin, gender etc.. People carry guilt, worry, anxiety stress and more emotional karmic baggage causing physical and mental diseases. FEAR was the root of this dense energy.

So, due to this those that wish to, now have the option to follow a path of 5th Dimensional Reality which is Unity Consciousness, I am you and you are me, We are all One! It is a time of an Awakening for many to live a life full of Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance, creating a better world for all beings on this planet who wish to ascend to the 5th Dimensional energy. Due to this I am committed to helping any of you who wish to upgrade your energy to the 5th Dimension and I feel you are in good hands because I come from generations of healers, born into helping others using energetic healing. I am Clairsentient & Claircognizance "clear feeling & knowing" which means I have a knack of seeing, feeling and knowing what is happening to you and your energy.  I am committed to pull from my experience, training and love for helping others to be of service to you on this wonderful journey if you are willing to take it with me, here, in your very own SANCTUARY.

I am so excited and simply cannot wait to meet you!


> MA in Human Communications and Linguistics

> BA in Hotel Business Management

> Educational Provider for International Practitioner

   for Holistic Medicine

> MARCONICS 'No-Touch' Level I Practitioner

> Usui / Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho Karuna Reiki® 

    Master Practitioner & Teacher for Adults, Children

    and Animals

> Reiki Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho II Upgrade 

   Certification for Master Practitioners

> Usui / Holy Fire I Reiki Ryoho Karuna Reiki® 

    Master Practitioner & Teacher for Adults, Children

    and Animals

> Usui / Tibetan Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner &

   Teacher for Adults, Children and Animals

> Cranial Sacrel Bodywork Holistic Animal Studies

   (in progress)

> Meditation and Mindfulness Degree

> Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification

> MAP - Medical Assistance Program

> Astrology Certification Level 1

> DNA Spiritual Activation Training

> Ascension Awakening of Dimensional

   Consciousness Training

> Introduction to Shamanism Level 1

> Buddhist Training the Mind to Inner Sanctuary

> Intuitive Life Coaching Degree

> Neuro-Linguistic Programming Degree

> Advanced Crystal Practitioner & Teaching Degree

> 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance

> Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

> FlyDog Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

> 300hrs Kunga Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga 


> Kunga Senior Yoga Teacher Training

> Kunga 5 Elements

> Kunga Ayurvedic

> Kunga Yoga Service Leadership

> Kunga Yoga for PTSD & Special Population

> Kunga Gentle Yoga

> Kunga Meditation

> 300hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Self 

   Awareness Program  II - Yoga Alliance (in progress)

> Yin Yoga

> Yoga Nidra

> Nutrition & Cleansing

> Restorative

> Anatomy & Fascia

> 12 Chakra System

> Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Program Teacher 


> Sound & Movement Vibrational Healing Degree

> Thai Yoga Body Work Practitioner Certification

> Tong Ren Workshop (similar to Acupressure)

> Indian Champissage Practitioner-Teacher Cert.

   (similar to Cranial Massage & Reflexology)

> Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner and

   Teaching Degree

> Aura & Chakra Practitioner & Teacher Certification