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Distant Marconic Healing Session:

I was so happy after my long distant healing session with Nicky to feel just as complete and soaring with love and light as I always did working with her in person. First of all, Nicky is so professional and thorough. I was so impressed with the details of her set up for our long distant healing session and everything she did beforehand to prepare for our session. I felt connected throughout the entire session and have received all of the same results, benefits, light, love and movement of energy that I did when I saw her in person in Blacksburg. I am so grateful we will be able to connect in this way and I still have this wonderful healer in my life and now with this wonderful and new energy Marconics.    Thank you!

- Nicole, Yoga Entreprenuer ~

In-Person Marconic Healing Session:

I'm a true believer of Nicky's Reiki Energy Sessions, they have helped me so much. When she offered me a Marconic Energy session, at first I was a little skeptical but I trust Nicky so I decided to have one. I'm so pleased I did! It was very different but compared to Reiki I felt more zoned out and relaxed and was able to go deeper within due to the "no-touch'. I could feel energy moving inside me that felt comforting in a way I cannot explain. A couple of days later Nicky called me to see how I was feeling and I'm not sure where I got these words from but I answered "My Soul Feels At Peace". I think that sums it up, I feel more peaceful and things in my life are just falling into place. I recommend anyone to try this session. 

- Wendy, Home Engineer ~

Distant Healing Session Review:

I am a previous Reiki client of Nicky's and when she offered me a Marconic energy session it felt right, kind of the next step in my healing journey. Anyhow, I have had a couple of Marconic distant sessions so far and I must say they are something else. The first session was very different from a Reiki session but had me feeling that something deep was happening to my Soul and whatever it was it safe. The second session lead to some deep emotional blockage being taken out/away from me. I'd been having a lot of pain in my Sacral area and after that I feel no pain, no discomfort just a warmth. Whatever was taken away, I know I have been carrying for a long time without being able to shift it and it had been like a weight that has now gone! Nicky asked if I prefer Marconic over Reiki and I have to say I do miss the bells and the whistles that Nicky added to her Reiki sessions but the results from the Marconic session seem to go deeper in some way. Since my sessions I have noticed that everything seems to be easier with no fear, worry or anxiety. I have already booked my next session and am excited for it! I recommend this new and upgraded energy.

- Dr. Rosa, Spain ~

In-Person Marconic Healing Session:

I had never heard of a Marconic Energy Healing session and was a little skeptical of what I had read about it. However, I trust Nicky and took the leap of faith and booked a session. As soon as the session began I felt a tremendous amount of heat, I thought Nicky was using a heating lamp at my 3rd eye it was so hot. I felt I was twitching and started to cough at some points of the session and then completely zoned out. Afterwards Nicky told me that was a good sign. Overall and as days progress I feel like I am more in control of my life and more at peace with everything, nothing seems to worry me, things that used to just don't and I'm loving it! For a skeptic I'm doing great because I've booked another appointment!

- Rick, Entrepreneur ~

In-Person Reiki Session:

T​here are people who use Reiki on a daily basis, I am one of them. I use Reiki within my sessions as a body worker dealing with clients with chronic pain. I often receive the usual comments about the warmth of my hands and how well the energy work dovetails with my other modalities. Then there are those people who don't just use Reiki daily, but live it. This is what I experienced with Nicky at Reiki Journey in Blacksburg VA. Someone who truly lives her beliefs and passions. My session was certainly relaxing, but hter was a quality and focus that was present from the moment I walked in until long after I left. Nicky has the ability to zero in and focus the enrgy where it is needed. Nicky deserves the title of Reiki Master, not just because of her training, but because of how she conducts herself. We can all become more proficiency and knowledge, into knowing and being.

- Art, NCTMB Cranial Sacral Therapist ~

In-Person Reiki Healing Session:

Dear Nicky, Experiencing Reiki on your table has changed my life and opened my heart in ways I did not think were possible. Your transmission of Reiki has been a powerful yet gentle healing modality for issues I had stored which were both old and new. The healing I have experienced has been profound. The world would be a better place if everyone got Reiki from you! Much love and light.

- Ivi, Yoga Instructor | Reiki Master ~

In-Person Reiki Healing Session:

I have known and experienced REIKI for several years but it’s not until I met Nicky, a REIKI master, that I discovered the true benefit of REIKI. How it has helped me? I had a lot of conflicts about my career and what I wanted to do which affected my personal life. After having several sessions that helped me channel my positive energy, I was able to focus and see more clearly what was the right path for me. Nicky has given me that inner peace that I needed to be the best person that I can be. 

-Susana, VP of Human Resources ~

I have been attending workshops and classes as well as individual sessions at Reiki Journey for almost a year now. All workshops and classes are handled with expertise and love. They are very well planned and makes your Soul leave with peace. I also have had individual session with Nicky and highly recommend them.

- Kathy, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master ~

In-Person & Distant Reiki Healing Sessions:

I am a cancer patient. I was misdiagnosed two years ago and learned that the cancer had spread this past summer. After surgery, I am now in my fourth month of chemotherapy. I also am participating in the Reiki journey with Nicola-Jayne Aymes. Reiki is the perfect tool for my stress reduction. It is a holistic approach to relaxation through Nicky as the healer. I am grateful for Reiki as my attitude and outlook is now positive during this challenging time. It has been the perfect medicine for me. 

- Connie, Physiotherapist ~

In-Person Distant Healing Session:

As a former massage therapist, I had some knowledge of Reiki and energy healing but never experienced it for myself. I had yet to meet anyone in the area who practiced Reiki. When I discovered that the amazing owner of Clay Corner Inn, Nicky Aymes, was a certified Master Reiki Practitioner, I made an appointment. What a profound, positive change in my physical and mental wellbeing Reiki has made. From the first session, I knew I discovered something special and have been receiving Reiki for over 7 months now. It is hard to put into words how Reiki makes you feel, and I can only speak from my experience. I can best describe it using an ailment that has plagued me for years. I have had a foot paralysis with severe neuropathy since 2001. It felt like 1,000 bees were stinging the top of my foot every day. It disrupted my sleep, affected my mood and I did feel a little helpless because I could not find relief no matter what I tried. After 1 Reiki session, the foot pain diminished and now it is almost non-existent. WOW! The relief of my foot pain is a Reiki miracle in my book and a testament to the benefits of Reiki. The feeling of serenity and calm I feel after each session is like no other treatment I have experienced – including massage therapy. I even became Reiki I and II certified in Nicky’s Reiki Journey classes, so that I can continue on my path of holistic healing. My advice to anyone who is curious is…give it a try and see what happens. Why not! You will be amazed at the difference even one session will make on your wellbeing.

- Kat, VTech University ~