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I took Nicky’s Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I and II class and that experience was so fabulous I took her ART/Master Reiki class too, asking her 100 specific, pesky questions which she answered patiently until I felt sure of myself. I appreciated taking an ICRT-certified course, and Nicky brings a lot to the table besides her ICRT affiliation, including healing experience in several modalities and years spent in business and marketing. A natural teacher, she puts her students at ease immediately which ensures their complete engagement and freedom to ask questions. That’s not to say she doesn’t push you a little. Like every good teacher does, she’ll coax you outside of your comfort zone enough so you can exceed your own expectations. And she is a master at diverging from her agenda to tailor classes to her students’ needs and interests while still covering everything in the curriculum. After class she is perpetually supportive and she always welcomes my questions. I’m looking forward to my next training with her!

- Shannon ~

I took the Usui/Holy Fire III Master Practitioner training with Nicky and it was a wonderful experience. She was very thorough and made sure we knew what we were doing. Whenever we had questions, Nicky made sure she answered us in ways that we could comprehend. She is the best teacher you can learn it from. The moment you stepped into her space, everything felt right and safe, and I could trust her with everything! She also provides endless after training guidance with patient, passion, and love. I'm glad she's my mentor and I wouldn't choose anyone else. Thank you for everything!

- Serena ~

I have been a student and client of Nicky's for over three years and I have taken many of her classes and workshops. Nicky puts a lot of time into preparing each of her classes and has a very deep understanding of the subject she is teaching. As a student, I love the fact that she takes the time to answer our questions as they come up. I recently had the opportunity to take my Holy Fire III Reiki Master class with Nicky. I learned so much! Nicky is a Natural Teacher and Healer. I can't wait until my next class!

- Sonya,  IT Site Support Leader  ~

Animal Reiki Certification: What an experience! I felt so comfortable as soon as I stepped into the room. I wasn't sure what to expect coming from the science side of healing but it has been such a wonderful weekend. I have learn't so much about animals from a holistic side and I know this will help me in my clinic. It feels so right to mix both healing modalities and I am so pleased I took this course. Nicky was great even when I was a little anal with my questions. During the training, she would explain every question and modify when needed to help each and every one of us in the room, her explanations were thorough. It was such a great weekend and I learned so much. The training didn't finish that weekend, I have sent emails on various occasions asking questions and Nicky has always answered them in detail which really helps to continue my education. I would recommend that all vets take this course because I know I am a better vet due to it!

- Kristina W, DVM ~

Nicky, Thank you so much for the amazing Reiki course and attunement. It was truly a transformative experience. Your energy and knowledge are a blessing to me. I am grateful to have found my teacher. Huge love 

- Ivi, Reiki I & II ~

I had a one day ART Reiki Advanced Training level with Nicky. It was a wonderful experience. She taught us about crystals, learning a new symbol, hands-on experiences, and soul journeys. I experienced a lot of new and interesting things in an one day course. Nicky was great at answering any questions we had and explaining what our soul journeys meant. Now I can go out with all these new techniques and healing power to make everything better for me and people in need!"

- S.L Usui/Tibetan ART ~

Nicky is an awesome teacher! She goes above and beyond to make sure that I understand the material and takes the time to answer my questions. She is great at explaining techniques. I will continue to study Reiki with her.

-Susana, Usui/Reiki ART ~

I have been attending workshops and classes as well as individual sessions at Reiki Journey for almost a year now. All workshops and classes are handled with expertise and love. They are very well planned and makes your Soul leave with peace. I also have had individual session with Nicky, Ann McCracken, and Mary-Allana. Each of them are experts in their field and I recommend them highly.

- Kathy, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master ~